About us

d'EXTRA-Line Information Technology Ltd. is a dynamically growing provider in the Hungarian IT market with significant references.

Since the found of 1992, we successfully support our clients in becoming more efficient and competitive.


We do not commit ourselves to a only one concrete technology. We always use for the given task and conditions corresponding up-to-date, but cost-effective solutions with the correct integration of the available technologies for cover desired business procedures.


With the consideration of the points of view specified above our colleagues are up to date with the use of different instruments and methods.

Our company pays special attention to the continuous training of the coworkers.

Similarly, We emphasize the development of objective and solution-oriented way thinking.

As noted above, our company guarantee that the exact effective, advanced solutions and full representation of the interests of the client's business goals in order to achieve the maximum.


Our philosophy is the result and cost efficiency.


Our flexibility in changing and expanding portfolio is based on software development, IT operations and resource of support.

Fully satisfy the needs of our clients we are able to integrate existing systems, optimize, embed new technologies and develop new systems as required.